My cold regimen

I’m grateful to say that I rarely get sick for extended periods of time.  I believe what’s helped me stay vibrant and healthy is a lifestyle where I continually focus on investing daily on my immune system. The below regimen may seem extreme and it’s not for everyone. It works for me. I am not a physician (my wife is) so make sure you get the advice from your own doctor / health practitioner before before attempting what I do.

Take a probiotic supplement daily. A quality brand is OK but I have been known to take the $4.99 acidophilus probiotic from Trader Joes.  They say that a healthy gut is the core of a strong immune system.

When I do have the first sign of a cold, I take a supplement called Yin Chiao which you can find on or most health food stores or even Asian stores.

I also take the Source Wellness Formula supplement, however I’ve heard that the formula is more watered down than it used to be.

I also consume garlic pills since swallowing raw garlic isn’t always bearable.

Kyolic Garlic Formula 103 Immune Formula (200 Capsules)  by Kyolic


Readability – Streamline Your Online Reading Experience and Cut Out ADD

Are you sick and tired of going ADD when you browse the web for articles. Everywhere you look there is distracting clutter from social media links to annoying ads. Well, here is a truly amazing and useful tool to simplify and streamline your online reading experience. Readability™ is a tool that makes reading on the Web more enjoyable by removing the clutter around what you’re reading.  It’s simple to install too.

Simplify Reaing Online
Simplify Reading Online

Business Development & Coaching

Here are some of the businesses and projects that I’m involved with:– Process To Profit is the simple actionable methodology that we coach on and integrate for our clients. We coach and provide services in Online Marketing, Creating Automatic Continuity Systems, Outsourcing Solutions and Joint Ventures. Are you investing in the right online strategies to communicate your business brand, strategies that are specifically applicable to your niche. Are you searching for the Joint Venture partners? Connect with us and let’s see what we can create to expand your business both in reach and profitability. Our unique out-of-the-box thinking combined with simple systems logic will have you see beyond reason what your business and you are capable of – Began in 2005, Peer Success Circles is a daily goal alignment system. Just as an airline pilot needs to make continual course corrections to get to a destination, so does every entrepreneur and business owner. Peer Success Circles provides that flight plan goal realignment by connecting members together in peer-to-peer empowering relationships and in mastermind groups, all while tracking their growth and progress regularly. With the clarity you gain and the ongoing feedback you receive, it’s simple to course correct your path until you arrive at your goals. It’s the ultimate blend of productivity and relationships, delivering the highest impact. Every member is a success story.


Google Voice Review

Similar to, Google Voice is another product I recommend to clients.  If you’re like most people, voicemails can get cumbersome and aggravating at times.  Google Voice is a service by Google that was originally known as Grand Central.

Sign up as  Once you get your account, choose a friendly number.  What I mean as friendly is that you can put the letters to your own name or business name as a number.  Google will search to see if it’s available.  I have a couple of cool numbers including XYZ-CONTEXT.  where XYZ is the area-code and CONTEXT represents the keypad version of a number.

The next step is to forward the number to a wrong phone number that you can answer.

Once you have your new number, you’re now ready to play.  Give all your friends and business colleagues the Google Voice number now.  For each call you recieve,  Google will transcribe the call and either Email or text you. If you have it set to call you, then you phone will automatically ring.

It makes my life easier, as I can leave the country and either have my Google Voice number to forward to one of my team members or I can receive the messages via email or streaming Mp3 from my Google Voice inbox.

The best thing is the cost of the service…Free! The only cost from what I see are if you are making international calls from your Google Voice number, at which point it operates like Skype to phone and you are billed a fairly nominal amount per minute.

The Action Machine Timer

I’m a big fan of timers.  I use them constantly to stay focused and cut out distractions.  I have a desktop one with a green start butto and a red Stop button.  Every time it counts down to zero, I’ve built a habit to stop what I’m doing and move onto something else, which might even be taking a 10 minute timed break.

Having a timer has allowed me to put Parkinson’s Law in action, hence knowing that the time I have is the time I take to complete a task.  It’s allowed me to get out of Social Media overwhelm, as I set a timer a few days a week for my 20 minute Facebook and Twitter sessions.

Now, here is the ultimate timer that I’ve recently stumbled onto by Derek Franklin.  It’s what’s called the The Action Machine Timer or AMT for short .

The AMT is awesome as I can put different tasks for my day and see them Visually.  There is a box for each action that I call the “Why” box.  I put down the bigger reason Why that the task is important.  Knowing my Why encourages me to stay the course until completion.

There are pre-made action item templates or you can make your own.  Thisis something I encourage people do as there are certain days where you will be taking on many of the same tasks, and hence each of these tasks becomes a Focus Session.

It’s worth the $37 as you will make your money back with the amount of completion you bring in your life.  There are a couple of bonuses that will teach you how to get rid of known time wasters and to manage your energy the best as you build up your own template.  I highly recommend Derek’s Action Machine.

Mindjet Mindmanager

Here is one of the most important tools in my database that I use regularly to brainstorm ideas down, flow diagrams for business processes, create business plans, even family trees… You name it, mindmapping rules.  Mindjet’s unique program is very flexible as it allows you to do just about anything even call other applications.

If you are looking for a more online collaborative  solution, then consider

Marketers Cruise 2012

Imagine being on a cruise ship with several of the top entrepreneurs, speakers, writers and Internet Marketers in the world. Well, that was my experience in both January 2009 and January 2010.

I personally had no idea what to expect. This was of course my first cruise ship adventure. My first thought was that it would be a few hundred online keyboard junkies on a boat drinking Pina Coladas. Was I wrong?

When I got on board, the first person I bumped into was Mike Filsaime from Butterfly Marketing and also a New Yorker. Mike and everyone that I came across were generous and open. We ate like Kings, had our own private excursions where we connected and shared ideas. Marketers were joint venturing and creating products on board. We had Hot Seat and Mastermind sessions. Not to mention scuba diving, snorkeling and afternoons on the beach. It was fabulous and fun! I had the oppurtunity to coach writer Robert Allen on creating a Social Media strategy.

Captain Lou and Mike did a phenomenal job organizing the cruise. Everyone got tremendous value… to the point where 80% of the attendees signed up for next year in 2009.

Below are a the group photos from the cruise experiences in 2009 and 2010.
Click on it for more details.

If you are interested in joining us is 2012, please use my affiliate link.

Web Hosting

Of the top Internet hosting programs, there are only two that I recommend. and  A big factor in why I like these is that they have a feature called Fantastico which allows instant installation of Platforms such as a WordPress blog or Joomla.


Here are books that I have read and highly recommend to help you get your life in order.


Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

David Allen’s book on personal productivity


The 4-Hour Work Week

Timothy Ferris examines new ways of making money in the Internet era


Be Unreasonable: The Unconventional Way to Extraordinary Business Results
The Unconventional Way to Extraordinary Business Results, by Paul Lemberg


Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth
Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth, by T. Harv Eker


The Law Of Success: Napoleon Hill

Ingredients & formulas for success including mastermind groups, by Napoleon Hill


The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, A Toltec Wisdom Book
A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, A Toltec Wisdom Book, by Don Miguel


Here are a couple of tools I’ve used to plan projects out.

Welcome to the world of mindmapping.  Mindjet is a top of the line desktop tool that’s available on PC and Mac.  I also use which is a free mindmapping tool that also allows you to import Mindjet miindmaps.  I like Mind42 because it also allows for collaboration online.