Business Development & Coaching

Here are some of the businesses and projects that I’m involved with:– Process To Profit is the simple actionable methodology that we coach on and integrate for our clients. We coach and provide services in Online Marketing, Creating Automatic Continuity Systems, Outsourcing Solutions and Joint Ventures. Are you investing in the right online strategies to communicate your business brand, strategies that are specifically applicable to your niche. Are you searching for the Joint Venture partners? Connect with us and let’s see what we can create to expand your business both in reach and profitability. Our unique out-of-the-box thinking combined with simple systems logic will have you see beyond reason what your business and you are capable of – Began in 2005, Peer Success Circles is a daily goal alignment system. Just as an airline pilot needs to make continual course corrections to get to a destination, so does every entrepreneur and business owner. Peer Success Circles provides that flight plan goal realignment by connecting members together in peer-to-peer empowering relationships and in mastermind groups, all while tracking their growth and progress regularly. With the clarity you gain and the ongoing feedback you receive, it’s simple to course correct your path until you arrive at your goals. It’s the ultimate blend of productivity and relationships, delivering the highest impact. Every member is a success story.


Google Voice Review

Similar to, Google Voice is another product I recommend to clients.  If you’re like most people, voicemails can get cumbersome and aggravating at times.  Google Voice is a service by Google that was originally known as Grand Central.

Sign up as  Once you get your account, choose a friendly number.  What I mean as friendly is that you can put the letters to your own name or business name as a number.  Google will search to see if it’s available.  I have a couple of cool numbers including XYZ-CONTEXT.  where XYZ is the area-code and CONTEXT represents the keypad version of a number.

The next step is to forward the number to a wrong phone number that you can answer.

Once you have your new number, you’re now ready to play.  Give all your friends and business colleagues the Google Voice number now.  For each call you recieve,  Google will transcribe the call and either Email or text you. If you have it set to call you, then you phone will automatically ring.

It makes my life easier, as I can leave the country and either have my Google Voice number to forward to one of my team members or I can receive the messages via email or streaming Mp3 from my Google Voice inbox.

The best thing is the cost of the service…Free! The only cost from what I see are if you are making international calls from your Google Voice number, at which point it operates like Skype to phone and you are billed a fairly nominal amount per minute.