My cold regimen

I’m grateful to say that I rarely get sick for extended periods of time.  I believe what’s helped me stay vibrant and healthy is a lifestyle where I continually focus on investing daily on my immune system. The below regimen may seem extreme and it’s not for everyone. It works for me. I am not a physician (my wife is) so make sure you get the advice from your own doctor / health practitioner before before attempting what I do.

Take a probiotic supplement daily. A quality brand is OK but I have been known to take the $4.99 acidophilus probiotic from Trader Joes.  They say that a healthy gut is the core of a strong immune system.

When I do have the first sign of a cold, I take a supplement called Yin Chiao which you can find on or most health food stores or even Asian stores.

I also take the Source Wellness Formula supplement, however I’ve heard that the formula is more watered down than it used to be.

I also consume garlic pills since swallowing raw garlic isn’t always bearable.

Kyolic Garlic Formula 103 Immune Formula (200 Capsules)  by Kyolic