The Action Machine Timer

I’m a big fan of timers.  I use them constantly to stay focused and cut out distractions.  I have a desktop one with a green start butto and a red Stop button.  Every time it counts down to zero, I’ve built a habit to stop what I’m doing and move onto something else, which might even be taking a 10 minute timed break.

Having a timer has allowed me to put Parkinson’s Law in action, hence knowing that the time I have is the time I take to complete a task.  It’s allowed me to get out of Social Media overwhelm, as I set a timer a few days a week for my 20 minute Facebook and Twitter sessions.

Now, here is the ultimate timer that I’ve recently stumbled onto by Derek Franklin.  It’s what’s called the The Action Machine Timer or AMT for short .

The AMT is awesome as I can put different tasks for my day and see them Visually.  There is a box for each action that I call the “Why” box.  I put down the bigger reason Why that the task is important.  Knowing my Why encourages me to stay the course until completion.

There are pre-made action item templates or you can make your own.  Thisis something I encourage people do as there are certain days where you will be taking on many of the same tasks, and hence each of these tasks becomes a Focus Session.

It’s worth the $37 as you will make your money back with the amount of completion you bring in your life.  There are a couple of bonuses that will teach you how to get rid of known time wasters and to manage your energy the best as you build up your own template.  I highly recommend Derek’s Action Machine.